Rita & Rudolf Trossen

Riesling Supernova!!


Wir hätten es nicht geglaubt, aber es gibt ihn doch: lebendigen, vibrierenden Riesling von der Mosel. Wir liebten diesen Nektar namens Riesling immer. Doch dann kam der Punkt, wo sich unsere Gaumen veränderten. Die Weine waren zu oft platt, zu süß, zu wenig Spannung. Zu viel Schwefel. Zu üppig. Also gab es bei uns lang keinen Riesling, weil wir einfach nichts passendes finden konnten. Schon gar nicht in Deutschland. Eines Abends, wir saßen in einem Lokal, kam ein Wein blind. Oh was für eine Wohltat. Lore Lays betörender Gesang im Glase. Jeder Schluck eine neue Welt, eine große Erzählung. Veränderlich, filigran, tänzelnd. Feinste Steinobstfrucht da, zarte Bittertöne dort, dann Zitrus, dann..., alles da, in einem Strahl - oh ja! So muss er schmecken, ein Wein aus unserer Selektion! Sofort gingen wir auf die Suche, nahmen Kontakt auf und ergatterten ein paar Flaschen. Das Weingut ist klein. Ein Handwerksbetrieb.2,5 Hektar, ein paar tausend Flaschen und die ganze Welt will sie haben. Für solche Weingüter Botschafter zu sein macht uns stolz. Rita und Rudolf Trossen gingen eigenen Wege, zu Zeiten, als es gar noch nicht einfach war anders zu sein. Sie arbeiten seit 1978 biodynamisch. Die Weinberge liegen in der Kinheimer Hubertuslay, Rosenberg und Römerhang, an der Mittelmosel. Am Fuße des Kaisergarten, zwischen Burgberg und Römerhang. Steile Schieferterrassen wohin das Auge reicht. Hier gibt es nur Riesling. Ihre Idee ist es die unterschiedlichen Expositionen, Bodentypen und Wetterlagen des Jahres auszudrücken. Hm, klingt bekannt. Daran arbeiten sie nun seit über 30 Jahren. Denn es braucht so lange, meinen sie, die ausgezehrten Böden, wieder zum Sprechen zu bringen. Alles wird von Hand gelesen, schonend verarbeitet und lange auf der Hefe belassen. Denn Hefe ist die Ursuppe des Kosmos Wein. Die Nährmutter. Ist Stecken und Stab bei der langsamen Entwicklung der Weine. Wenn sie ihr Gleichgewicht gefunden haben, werden sie gefüllt. Das kann dauern. Sie werden direkt vom Faß mit Hand gefüllt. In Sektflaschen mit Kronkorken. So wird die natürliche Kohlensäure mitgenommen und schützt sie vor Oxidation. Jede Flasche ein Unikat, ein eigener Kosmos. Hier lebt der Riesling. Welcome to the pleasure dome!



Schieferblume Riesling 2019 0,75l Trossen BI0

Rudolf Trossen's Weine sind ein Kosmos für sich selbst. Sein Zugang zu Riesling hat uns vor Augen geführt, wie Mannigfaltig diese Sorte seien könnte. Welch beeindruckende Sorte sie ist. Er hat uns diese Sorte gerettet. Daher haben wir uns entschlossen euch seine Weinbeschreibungen im O-Ton anzuhängen, denn wer könnte sein Werk besser Beschreiben als der Meister selber, auch wenn es in english ist :-):


Alc: 11,5° Res. Sug: 5,2 g/L Acid: 6.6 Sulp. free: 10 mg/l total: 41 mg/l


The "Schieferblume" is a composition, a cuvee from several vineyards in which we planted Riesling.  We are lucky to have particularly soft Devonian slates on the Moselle, mostly the blue and grey slate, which warms up quickly and stores the heat of the day and then slowly radiates again at night. This is the "gold" of the Moselle, because on these stony slopes the water does not stand still, the Riesling does not like wet, cold "feet". But what benefits the later quality of the wine is a certain positive stress, the effort, because the vine has to extend its roots deep into the earth and rock crevices. It is from this effort of the vine to suck its water from great depths that the saltiness, minerality and thus elegance of Moselle wines result. This is why they were once highly valued as ideal accompaniments to fine food. The slate 2018 comes mainly from this vineyard "Langfuhr", a single vineyard directly on the Moselle, surrounded by forest, meadows and the river. Only a narrow economic and cycle path on the former track bed of the Moselle railway leads there, and I enjoy the perfect idyll there. This is communicated to the wine, which is not at all "excited", but encourages casual chatting. Goes well with all fish and poultry dishes.



16,00 €

  • 1,3 kg
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St. Peter Riesling Purus 2019 0,75l Trossen BI0

Alc: 12° Res. Sug: 7.0 g/L Acid: 7.  Sulp. free: 0 mg/l total: 11 mg/l


More than 2500 years ago, the Celtic Treverians settled at an old road junction on fertile land,  between the modern Villages Kinheim and Kröv. Later the Romans came to the Moselle region and stayed there for almost 500 years. They did agriculture and viticulture and the lords lived in magnificent villas. In the time of the Carolingians, a chapel was built there on Roman foundations and consecrated to Saint Peter. For many centuries, the “Reichs Kirche St. Peter” was the only church in the “Kröver Reich”, spiritual center of the region, and its bells filled the Moselle valley with the sound of piety for a long time. The church was important, but it became dilapidated and demolished with the beginning of the Napoleonic occupation, as a second, larger church was built in Kröv.

The land below the hill is fertile and my father planted a vineyard, which we replanted with Riesling vines in 2016. It is a special feeling to work there, to see the fragments of Roman roof tiles in the earth and to feel the breath of history.


The wine of the year 2019 is lively, youthfully sparkling, lively and vital, and has a certain cheerfulness. It is as if the genius of the place was happy to be resurrected as an invigorating drink.

22,00 €

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Kestenbüsch Riesling Purus 2019 0,75l Trossen BI0

 Alc: 12.5° Res. Sug: 5,0 g/L Acid: 7,1Sulp. free: 0 mg/l total: 11 mg/


The name comes from the Mosel-Frankish dialect and means "small chestnut grove". This refers to chestnuts that were once brought and planted by the Romans. The location is a little higher up, airy and open far to the south, and the grey slate gives the wine a mineral spice. The 2018 was harvested late. Many old root-true vines bring a certain filigree to the wine. A bit of mashing time was added. This gives the wine an earthy tautness and depth, and on top of it small yellow fruits appear.


24,00 €

  • 1,4 kg
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Lay Riesling Purus 2019 0,75l Trossen BI0

Alc: 12,5° Res. Sug: 7.1 g/L Acid: 6.2 Sulp. free: 0 mg/l total: 15 mg/l


The wine "Lay" 2018 grew in an old slate site sloping to the south. Grey and blue slate cover the soil, which warms up quickly and dries quickly after rain. The vines are 40 year old Riesling vines, which are densely planted and therefore the roots have to penetrate deep into the soil and carry the required water upwards with great energy. The juice fermented slowly and gradually turned into wine that can rest on the yeast for a long time. As always, the wine wandered around the cellar between old oak barrels and stainless steel, was decanted twice to completely remove the yeast and clarify the wine.   The wine has a great density, radiates a majestic calm and is stimulatingly fresh and has a great drinking flow. This wine should be enjoyed with devotion in a large Zalto or Riedel glass.  It has many "tongues" and a great willingness to tell stories about the terroir and the 2018 vintage. It is a "naked" wine, without any additives, without sulphur and filtration, and after opening, when the air is allowed to touch it, a wealth of delicate aromas emerge from the glass in a thoughtful manner, swinging back and forth between fruits and herbs. In this way, one can really deepen a wine meditation and understand that the Riesling wines of Moselle and Rhine were counted among the most expensive and popular wines in the world 120 years ago. Because this wine is "old-fashioned" in a positive and impressive way. This is how the wines will have tasted back then, when Riesling wines from Germany were an integral part of the menu at every Nobel Prize gala dinner.


28,00 €

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Riesling Vom Berg 2018 Spätlese 0,75l Trossen BI0

Alc: 9.5 Res. Sug: 47 g/L Acid: 7.0 Sulp. free: 29 mg/l total: 85 mg/l


From the core area of the Hubertuslay, this vineyard looks south towards the Moselle. The water surface reflects the summer light back into the green slopes. And this light is captured by the leaves, transformed into matter and stored in the grapes. Gold is the colour of maturity, and the invigorating sweetness of the ripe fruit from such sites is transformed into liquid "gold" in the winegrower's cellar. Used in the right dosage, a true fountain of youth

26,50 €

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Riesling Kinheimer Hubertuslay 2018 Auslese 0,75L TROSSEN bio

Alc: 7.8° Res. Sug: 88.5 g/L Acid: 6.6 Sulp. free: 29 mg/l total: 169 mg/l


This Riesling Auslese has hardly any alcohol, so it has a light but exciting effect, electric and full of energy. Grown on grey slate in the steep south facing Hubertuslay. The soil is lean, stony and permeable to water and the grey slate warms up quickly.  The wine has an animating, dancing fruitiness and great length. Goes well with cakes and desserts. Tastes also without foodThis Riesling Auslese has hardly any alcohol, so it has a light but exciting effect, electric and full of energy. Grown on grey slate in the steep south facing Hubertuslay. The soil is lean, stony and permeable to water and the grey slate warms up quickly.  The wine has an animating, dancing fruitiness and great length. Goes well with cakes and desserts. Tastes also without food

29,00 €

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Purellus Pyramide Riesling Pet Nat 2018 0,75l Trossen BI0

 Alc: 12° Res. Sug: 5.4 g/L Acid: 6.4 Sulp. free: 0 mg/l total:  9 mg/l  



In France, Pétillant Naturel was called the original method of producing sparkling wine. The still fermenting wine was simply filled into stable bottles away from the yeast at a suitable moment. Everyone was curious if the wine would continue to ferment and if so, if the bottles would withstand the slowly building pressure. Our sparkling wine still has the full yeast in its luggage, so it is not shaken off and can be opened reach. After a few bottles of practice, damage limitation is always better If you want to have less yeast in the glass, turn the bottle upside down, wait a few days and then open it boldly and briefly outdoors or in the shower with the One you love

28,00 €

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